Tetris: The Grand Master Series

Tetris: The Grand Master is a series of Tetris games developed by Arika for Japanese arcades. Compared to other Tetris games, TGM cuts out all the bullshit and focuses solely on creating a Tetris that is playable at very high speeds. This page has everything I could find online on the Tetris: The Grand Master series, like various guides and information, downloads of different clones that emulate the TGM rotation system, and whatever else I feel is relevant. There might also be other more general Tetris guides, and guides for other Tetris games, if they have good info.


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English Translation

An old and good source for info. This is pretty much required reading for anyone getting into the TGM series. Only the first and last link on the start page works on this mirror, the other links were guestbooks and highscore lists etc so it wasn't anything important. The Enlish translation is only the guide itself.
TGM Guide The TGM guide from Tetrisconcept.


Name Description
Heboris 1.60a The latest official release of Heboris, a home made clone of TGM made in YaneuraoGameScript 2000 (YGS2K). Also has other rotation systems. It has an overwhelming amount of settings and might be hard for beginners to use. Works on Linux with Wine.
Heboris patch 0562 The latest 2ch patch for Heboris. Unzip this into the Heboris 1.60 directory and overwrite all files.
Heboris C7V4EX This is the C++ port of Heboris. It includes SDL, DirectX and OpenGL versions. Also includes the source code. Executables are found in the "exe" folder. Like the other version of Heboris, this works fine on Linux with Wine.
Texmaster 2009-3 Another home made clone of Tetris with ARS rotation. Simple presentation and easy to use. More accurately emulates TGM1-3 compared to Heboris. Includes binaries for Windows and Linux. Check the Texmaster2009.ini file to configure resolution and other things.
NullpoMino [external link] A third home made Tetris clone. It has a bunch of rotation systems to choose from and also has online multiplayer support. The TGM rotation systems are called Grade Mania. It requires the Java Runtime Environment (32-bit). Works on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Supposedly even more accurate than Texmaster, although since it's made in Java there can be quite a bit of input delay depending on circumstances. Also, joystick/game pad support is not as good as in other clones.
NDS_TGM A homebrew port of TGM3 to the Nintendo DS. Not feature complete; no grading, no cools etc. But still feels very solid to play and overall one of the better portable TGM ports. It even has the TGM3 music, sound effects and graphics.
LTAP-NDS A0 Haven't tried this yet, but it's a homebrew Nintendo DS game that strives to emulate TGM2:TAP. It's in very early alpha and unfortunately doesn't seem to be worked on any longer. Mode selection screen doesn't have any text yet, so you have to look at the color of the field border to determine the mode.
LockJaw DS 046a Nintendo DS port of the LockJaw engine. LockJaw is a very customizable version of Tetris. It has support for several rotation systems including ARS (TGM) and SRS, and various gameplay modes including most modes from the TGM series as well as Sprint (40 line clear) and other modes.
LJ65 0.41 A homebrew Tetris game for the NES formerly known as Tetramino. Has a TGM-like rotation system as well as an SRS-like rotation system. The TGM-like one is called "Bottom". Also includes a 20G mode and a 2-player mode. Includes C source code.

Other stuff

Name Description
Tetris the Grand Master: A Gameplay Essay A detailed essay about the series.
TGM Legend Tetrisconcept's TGM legend for looking up the meanings of technical terms.
Some info about the TGM series in general and the individual games. From Tetrisconcept.
TGM Rotation More in-depth info about the Arika Rotation System (ARS), also known as TGM Rotation.
Glossary A glossary of technical terms for Tetris in general.
Heboris Info regarding standard Heboris.
Heboris U.E. Info about the Unofficial Expansion for Heboris.
Texmaster Info about Texmaster.
Hellfire's TetriNET page Hellfire was a TetriNET clan. There are some guides on the page. Most of it is outdated now but there are still some tips that are applicable today.
Brendan's Tetris Tips and Tricks Some tips & tricks on NES Tetris.