Welcome to Clan HELLFIRE. We are a group of Tetris players. You can find us on IRC, dalnet channel #hellfire-clan. 

Current Updates:
How to win.
A review of Keyboard King and the issue of "speed cheating".
A little specials guide.
How to kill.
A few notes on speed.
Why Quadra? [updated]
The original T2net webpage.
Joining or challenging.
How to deal with TetriNET cheaters [updated].

Regular Sections:
HELLFIRE members.
Tetris software.
Tspec recordings.
Tetris terminology.
Copyright issues.
Guestbook. [UP!]

Old Articles:
What is Tetris?
Obscure games and their solutions.
All these players.
TetriFAST review.
Pure Tetris strategy guide.

email: missljud@hotmail.com