EMS USB 64M Smartcard

This is an archived post from my old blog. Since this was the most visited post on that blog, I thought I’d replicate it here. So I went on Archive.org and found a snapshot and have replicated the post here. These days there’s a better Game Boy flashcart called Everdrive GB which is basically superior in every way. So I recommend getting that instead, although the Smartcard is still cheaper.
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MySQL issues

Not sure what happened, but for some reasons the MySQL database tables for WordPress shit the bed and didn’t exist anymore… So I’ve basically re-installed MySQL and WordPress again. And since the database backup script I created wrote over the old backups, I wasn’t able to restore it. *sigh*

Hopefully this time it’ll work. I rewrote the script to add the current date to the filename, so I’ll have a backup of each day.