Moving the server’s physical location, and carrier-grade NATs.

So for the past several years, my server that is hosting this blog has been located at my father’s place. The only real reason for this was because his upload speed was 100Mbit/s and the one I have at home is 100Mbit down, but only “up to” 10Mbit/s upload. So even though it made it slower to access files on the server from my own home compared to if I just had it located there, it made more sense to have it at my father’s since it would mean that everyone that accesses it has the potential of downloading from it at 100Mbit/s.

But now, an era has passed, and my father is switching to a new ISP. In fact, he’s switching to the same ISP that I have at home, ComHem. Which means the upload speed at his place will also be “up to” 10Mbit/s. So after learning this I decided that it was time to move the server to my home instead, since now the upload speed will be the same regardless. And it also means that while I am at home I have gigabit access to the files which is nice.

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Game Collection Manager project

TLDR: I made a Game Collection Manager in Python/QT. Check it out.

A few months ago I wanted to play something from my collection, but I couldn’t decide what. I now have over 500 games in my collection, so it can be a bit overwhelming to choose. But since I already had my collection in a spreadsheet on Google docs, I thought what if I just download that as csv files and write a simple Python application that chooses for me. This idea eventually grew into a bigger project which manages a game collection. Oh and yeah, I didn’t actually play anything that day…

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Lorensborgs Kvarterskrog

The next stop for the day was a neighborhood pub in the Lindeborg area. Once again, this was primarily a pizza place that was focused on sports. I think I see a pattern… This place is located very close to the football stadium though so it makes sense. The beer selection was mediocre. I could only see lagers, although I didn’t notice their beer fridge until after I ordered my tap beer and only glanced over there afterwards. Continue reading “Lorensborgs Kvarterskrog”

Quest to find the best dive bars

As someone who considers myself a craft beer enthusiast and even somewhat of a beer snob, I’ve of course been hanging out at the best craft beer places in and around town for years and have even worked at several of them. I’m quite priviledged to live in an area with plenty of pubs that have a great selection of fine, rare, local as well as international beers you can’t really find anywhere else in the area.

But recently I’ve become a bit tired of it all. I mean, I still like going to them, and I still prefer a good pale ale or sour beer or stout over a lager, something which can be pretty hard to find in a standard pub. But lately I’ve gotten this urge to visit “regular” pubs. Continue reading “Quest to find the best dive bars”

Region modding the Sega Mega Drive

A friend of mine was kind enough to get me a version 1 Sega Mega Drive for Christmas, since he knew I had been meaning to get one for quite some time now. The main reason I haven’t is that I’ve been a bit worried about the space all the games I’d get for it would take… but I guess I’ll have to worry about that as it happens now!

Either way, the Mega Drive I received was a PAL unit, and these days I can’t stand playing games in 50hz with borders. So obviously something had to be done. Continue reading “Region modding the Sega Mega Drive”

Fixing Glitchy Graphics on Famicom Disk System

The Famicom Disk System is an interesting piece of hardware that I’ve been interested in buying for a long time, but have been a bit apprehensive about collecting for since the floppy disk format is rather fragile. Add in the fact that the disk drive itself often needs to be recalibrated and repaired because of the drive belt wearing out and that a lot of the disks for sale have been overwritten with other games over the years, and it’s a pretty hard sell for me. Continue reading “Fixing Glitchy Graphics on Famicom Disk System”

Game Boy Pocket Backlight Mod

Recently I’ve been teaching myself how to solder, and also reading up on various console mods I could try out just for fun. An obvious, and quite simple mod is installing a backlight on a Game Boy. It only involves four solder points in total, soldering the backlight to the main board of the console. The original Game Boy consoles of course didn’t have a lit-up screen, so installing a backlight is a huge improvement. Since I already have an original Game Boy with a backlight and bivert mod — generously gifted to me by a friend who did the mod himself — and the fact that I have a bunch of Game Boy Pockets lying around, I decided to install a backlight and bivert mod into one of those. Continue reading “Game Boy Pocket Backlight Mod”