Fixing Glitchy Graphics on Famicom Disk System

The Famicom Disk System is an interesting piece of hardware that I’ve been interested in buying for a long time, but have been a bit apprehensive about collecting for since the floppy disk format is rather fragile. Add in the fact that the disk drive itself often needs to be recalibrated and repaired because of the drive belt wearing out and that a lot of the disks for sale have been overwritten with other games over the years, and it’s a pretty hard sell for me. Continue reading “Fixing Glitchy Graphics on Famicom Disk System”

Game Boy Pocket Backlight Mod

Recently I’ve been teaching myself how to solder, and also reading up on various console mods I could try out just for fun. An obvious, and quite simple mod is installing a backlight on a Game Boy. It only involves four solder points in total, soldering the backlight to the main board of the console. The original Game Boy consoles of course didn’t have a lit-up screen, so installing a backlight is a huge improvement. Since I already have an original Game Boy with a backlight and bivert mod — generously gifted to me by a friend who did the mod himself — and the fact that I have a bunch of Game Boy Pockets lying around, I decided to install a backlight and bivert mod into one of those. Continue reading “Game Boy Pocket Backlight Mod”

New phone, and submitting to the Google overlords

So a few weeks ago I was pickpocketed on my cell-phone and my passport. While the passport is a bit of a pain to lose, I didn’t care that much about losing the phone since it was an old Samsung Xcover 2 and I was so tired of it anyway. It had 1GB of flash memory of which at least 700MB was used by Android and a significant amount of the rest by Samsung’s forced bloatware, meaning I couldn’t really install much on it. And even if I could, most newer apps wouldn’t work with it because the Android version was too old. Overall it was really slow to do anything on, and the battery life was really crap. Continue reading “New phone, and submitting to the Google overlords”