Moving the server’s physical location, and carrier-grade NATs.

So for the past several years, my server that is hosting this blog has been located at my father’s place. The only real reason for this was because his upload speed was 100Mbit/s and the one I have at home is 100Mbit down, but only “up to” 10Mbit/s upload. So even though it made it slower to access files on the server from my own home compared to if I just had it located there, it made more sense to have it at my father’s since it would mean that everyone that accesses it has the potential of downloading from it at 100Mbit/s.

But now, an era has passed, and my father is switching to a new ISP. In fact, he’s switching to the same ISP that I have at home, ComHem. Which means the upload speed at his place will also be “up to” 10Mbit/s. So after learning this I decided that it was time to move the server to my home instead, since now the upload speed will be the same regardless. And it also means that while I am at home I have gigabit access to the files which is nice.

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MySQL issues

Not sure what happened, but for some reasons the MySQL database tables for WordPress shit the bed and didn’t exist anymore… So I’ve basically re-installed MySQL and WordPress again. And since the database backup script I created wrote over the old backups, I wasn’t able to restore it. *sigh*

Hopefully this time it’ll work. I rewrote the script to add the current date to the filename, so I’ll have a backup of each day.